Getting your website or blog on the first page of Google isn’t hard to accomplish when you have the right tools. It simply starts with the right software.

Backlinks are the most important factor in search engine rankings and will be for many years to come. However, most people can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of posting endlessly on forums and blogs that have low to no page rank.

This plugin is completely different than most of the useless garbage you find out there. Every time you create an article or write a post on your website or blog, this plugin will attach itself and give you not only backlinks, but set your site up as that all important Authority Site that gives you maximum results in Google.

google plus automation

If someone searches for ‘make money online’ and finds your face on the first page – they are more likely to click it, even if they don’t know you! Basic psychology rule (and I know because I research these things – noticing facial features allows closer relation and better accountability).

Putting your face next to your blog post is important (unless you want to be anonymous!) Numerous bloggers (yours truly included), are starting to use Google Authorship for their blogs. You should too. Do you know why?

Because it takes less than 10 minutes to set it up and the SEO possibilities are endless.

I will show you how in a moment.

google plus automation 

Most of us in online marketing spend an awful lot of time an effort trying to improve our search rankings in Google striving for that coveted #1 spot.

Usually, the #1 spot gets approximately 42% of the search traffic to their site, while the #2 spot gets about 20%.  These are rough figures that come up again and again.  Talking to people that have gone from #2 to #1, I’ve repeatedly heard that #1 gets three times more traffic than #2. 

And you’re really not even in the game until you’re in the top three.

Keeping that in mind and looking at the Google Authorship program, what kind of advantage do you think it would be if you were maybe in the the Top #5 spot but had an image by your result?

Do you think you might actually pull more traffic than the #1 spot?

It’s not only possible... It’s Pretty Much Guaranteed!

You would definitely pull significantly more traffic than a standard #5 listing without a picture.

google plus automation

Did you know for instance that simply placing it in your Social Network updates can be an effective Social Media Marketing method?

Now you can use Google Authorship to promote your own website or blog. How’s that for a great new and powerful SEO technique?

One of the big problems with Google is that it can be an uphill grind to verify the original author or source of much of the content online these days.

With the massive amount of content spinners and scrapers available online, it makes it difficult to find unique quality content. But with Google Authorship, you will have your picture showing up right next to every web page and blog entry you have ever made.

google plus automation

google plus automation

This is a truly powerful, yet almost deceivingly simple way to bring more traffic to your websites simply and easily.

Google Plus Automation is a practical wordpress plugin that is Google friendly for spectacular web traffic growth & niche domination.

It works WITH and LEVERAGES the power of Google+ to build you long lasting web traffic growth for months and possibly years to come.

It’s time to leverage the extraordinary power of Google rather than trying and outsmart them!
I’m willing to bet Google has more Phd's in their company than NASA!

You need to become an expert in leveraging Google and their incredible web traffic domination.

Let's face it!

No other website on the planet comes even close to the market domination of Google.
AND the best Way To Leverage the Power of Google in 2012 & Beyond is by Dominating in your niches using Google+

google plus automation

- Brand New, State of the Art Automation Tool for Wordpress 

- You can leave multiple authorship links on each site

- Easy step-by-step screen shot Instructions

- All links are created automatically

- Use on unlimited amount of sites

- Increases your site authority

- Free upgrades for life

 google plus automation

google plus automation


Google Plus Automation